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Top 10 Winery Tech Solutions Companies - 2022

The recent wave of technology-driven change is thrusting major advancements in the wine industry, revolutionizing the way consumers buy and consume wine. The adoption of new technological innovations such as AI customer service bots, e-commerce, Web 2.0, AR wine e-labels, and eco-friendly wine glasses are driving digital engagement among consumers.

With the rise of automation everywhere, the winery tech market is gaining ground with the incorporation of AI-based customer service bots. They are empowering wineries in multiple ways by reducing the manpower in answering customer queries, reducing call volume, and sending automatic reminders to consumers to resolve abandoned carts. These AI-powered bots are emerging as the future of restaurant chains, with robot sommeliers recommending wine and food pairings. Along with these digital trends, emerging blockchain-based innovations are simplifying the process of tracking winery supply chains, creating a more transparent and efficient wine ecosystem. NFTs are another surging domain providing a great scope of stocking virtual wines with authenticity or provenance.

This particular edition of Food and Beverages Tech Review brings forth some of the promising winery tech solutions that are helping businesses augment and optimize their strategies in delivering state-of-the-art quality wine and beverages for consumers. It features thought leadership articles from Kasper Garnell, Brand Director at Joe & The Juice, and Gordon Hayburn, Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Trophy Foods. They shed light on enhancing the customer experience with the convenience of online ordering in the new normal and the significance of delivering training and education on food safety and quality for the workforce across organizations.

Along with these critical insights from industry experts, the edition elucidates premium winery tech offerings from Orora Packaging Solutions, which manufactures sustainable product packaging solutions to help customers get their wine bottles safely in minimal but attractive packages.

We hope this edition of Food and Beverages Tech Review shows you the path to choosing the right winery tech partner that will help you leverage the industry-best wine production, packaging, and distribution technology practices.

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    Top Winery Tech Solutions Companies

  • Orora Packaging Solutions serves the winery sector by providing a wide array of corrugated products, including custom and stock packaging materials, facility supplies, equipment and automation, and primary packaging services


  • Coravin


    Coravin is a worldwide wine technology firm to promote wine discovery by providing everyone with the power of choice via innovations. Its ground-breaking solutions let wine enthusiasts experience new wines or appreciate particular bottles over time by guaranteeing that the last glass tastes just as delicious as the first weeks, months, or even years later

  • ETS Laboratories

    ETS Laboratories

    Since 1978, ETS has collaborated with the world's top winemakers to provide unique, time-tested analytical tools that provide insights into the skill of modern winemaking. They have created new analytical procedures and introduced several new technologies to help the art of winemaking over the last 40 years

  • G3 Enterprises

    G3 Enterprises

    G3 offers a complete packaging solution, from grape to glass. They use a comprehensive, advanced analytical approach with the nation's most seasoned professionals to support customers throughout the production process. G3 aims to deliver excellent packaging goods and supply chain services to beverage and agriculture sector partners through creative, integrated solutions

  • Ekos


    With one economic company management software, Ekos assists craft beverage companies in streamlining inventory, manufacturing, sales, and accounting. Ekos is a comprehensive system for tracking manufacturing, inventory, sales, and accounting data. Ekos will help users save time, boost visibility, and understand business expenses (for real)

  • Guala Closures Group

    Guala Closures Group

    Guala Closures Group provides quality and creative closure solutions that protect and convenience clients while boosting their brands. Guala Closures, a global leader in creating closures for spirits, wines, drinks, oil, and sauces, provides innovative and ecologically responsible products to its clients and their consumers in the global marketplace

  • Innovint


    InnoVint wine production software enhances quality, productivity, and profitability for worldwide wine and spirits manufacturers. InnoVint is ready to help businesses simplify growing operations from start to finish, from bud break to bottle. They are a winemaking team with over 170 harvests under their belt

  • Monterey Wine Company

    Monterey Wine Company

    The Monterey Wine Company is a bespoke wine production business located in King City, California's Central Coast. They provide the most advanced premium winemaking technology, high-quality bespoke crush and processing equipment, skilled blend creation, and efficient bottling to meet the client's demands

  • My Wine Guide

    My Wine Guide

    My Wine Guide brings together the interests of wine consumers, restaurateurs, hospitality groups, merchants, distributors, and wine producers in a single unique software platform. The My Wine Guide customer experience breaks down long-standing boundaries, promotes discoveries, fosters confidence, and fosters loyalty for all wine consumers, from the curious millennial to the wine aficionado and everyone in between

  • Tastry


    Tastry uses thorough chemical analysis to assist winemakers in enhancing their wines before they hit the market. They can estimate how well a wine would do at different price points by combining this with target customer taste data

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